A Zari on the Wall

Our summer season is rolling along.  So far we have had sales in Qualicum, Cobble Hill, Roberts Creek, Powell River and Campbell River.  As we expected, with the economy as it is, things are a little up and a little down.  What has been marvelous is the reception these communities have given us.  Everywhere we go, people we have met before or who have followed our blog welcome us back, invite us home,  and show us incredible hospitality!  Everybody out there who has dropped by to see us – Thank  You All!

Now we are starting something a little bit different.  For the next three sales we will be in the Lower Mainland.  Being used to the intimate atmosphere of out favourite communities on the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands, we aren’t sure what to expect.  We will be in Abbotsford this next week (June 18 – 21), White Rock the next week (June 25 – 28), and Fort Langley the week after that (July 2 – 5).  If you are in the neighbourhood (or care for a small adventure), come out and show us a friendly face!  And… you might find some great stuff.

Block print duvet cover

Block print duvet cover

We are very happy with our new line of duvet covers, especially the block-printed Moghul ones from Jaipur.  People have really responded to the craftsmanship of the printing and the quality of the cotton.  They are our new stars!  And although it was in the 30’s for awhile, our scarves are doing very well.  We have so many styles this year, and they are all beautiful and unique.  Of course the jewelry table, showcasing the handwork of Malik in Kathmandu – as well as additions from Bangkok – is always popular.  There is much more besides, and we have taken the liberty of choosing on of the best pieces for our own home.

It is one of the huge Zari wall hangings. Zari, for those not familiar with it, is both a region in southern Afghanistan and a style of embroidery with metallic thread that comes from there.  Before the Taliban took control of the region 15 or 20 years ago, several groups of ethnic minorities living in the rugged, mountainous country had an incredibly colourful and elaborate  tradition of embellishing their clothing.  They took a metal-coated piece of thread, lay it in place on the cloth, and painstakingly stitched it into place.  Not only is every pattern specific to a clan and a village and a region, but every design had a song that was sung as the work was being done.  In effect, each one has been passed down through the generations by song!  The best pieces of these old bits of shawls, skirts and blouses are assembled and stitched together into patchworks by our ethnographer friend, Kishor, in Barmer, Rajasthan.  Every year we buy as many small Zari patchworks as we can, and a few large ones.  A few days ago we got around to mounting one of the large ones (70”X90”) on a stretch frame, and hanging it on our wall.  We haven’t got the proper lighting for it yet, but it is a stunning piece of art.  I always assumed that a huge space was needed to display one this size, and the people who have bought them have generally had much larger rooms than we have.  However, in our small flat, it is intimate and approachable and intricate and unbelievably beautiful.  And there are more – if you come down to see them at our sales!

For more info, and maps of how to get to our events, click on Maps of 2009 Sales Venues on this page.  The full range of our goods can be seen on our website if you click SHOP at the top of the page, and then on our website click OUR STORE.  Hope to see you soon.

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