About Us

Katheryn and David

Katheryn Kebe and David Fast formed Kebe and Fast Company in 2001, bringing together backgrounds in art, design, business, and a long familiarity with travel throughout South and Southeast Asia. Our goal was to take the time to source India’s astonishing hand-loomed textiles as close to the point of production as possible, and design and manufacture bedding and decor sale in Canada. It is difficult not to be impressed by the scale of the craft tradition in Asia, and the skill of the artisans, and inevitably we expanded our product line to include art, jewelry, and accessories. In order to get around the standard methods of sourcing in Asia—the trade show and the middle man—it takes time. We have structured our business accordingly, spending six months retailing and six months sourcing. Going beyond the accepted paradigm of a brick and mortar storefront, we take our goods on the road throughout B.C.’s Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, and Vancouver Island, setting up a four-day sales event in a temporary space such as a community hall. Having established ourselves in the great tradition of the world’s second oldest profession—traders on the silk road—we have developed communities around the world, and it is our privilege to promote friendship and understanding, artistic appreciation, and economic development by sharing our stories and by dealing in objects of significance and beauty.

Katheryn in fabric