The Real Kebe and Fast Blog: Season Opening 2019

Greetings to all blog subscribers, this is Katheryn and David coming to you from the first day of our first big sale of 2019, in Nelson, B.C. Apologies for those who have received rather cryptic blog posts from “Kebe and Fast”. We have just revamped the website, and it appears something (possibly in their default program) has been sending generic blog pages from our site. Our tech swat team is looking into it.

The season has started smoothly considering the scale of the logistics involved. With the Bali and the India shipments arrived and sorted, and all the Persian rugs we could carry (over 50), we were confident of putting on a good show in Nelson. Yesterday was a gruelling set-up day, and apart from a few glitches (“I thought you packed the duvet covers”), everything got done.

We have shifted this year to a greater emphasis on the rug portion of our business, given the success we have had with it on a smaller scale over the last two years. As well as the wool hand-knotted tribal/Persians, which you can see an assortment of on the Rug Sales link on our navigation bar, we have some other beautiful varieties we picked up in India and Bali.

Again, apologies for the mysterious blog posts. We look forward to seeing you all during our travels this summer!

  • June 13 – 16 NELSON , Hart Hall (old Anglican Hall) 501 Carbonate St @ Ward St
    Thurs – Sat 11 – 6, Sun 11 – 4
  • June 19 – 22 WARFIELD Community Hall, 900 Schofield Hwy
    Wed – Fri 11 – 6, Sat 11 – 4
  • June 26 – 29 DUNCAN Mercury Theatre (map)
    Wed–Fri 11–6, Sat 11–4
  • July 3 – 6 SALT SPRING IS. Farmers’ Inst. (map)
    Wed–Fri 11–6, Sat 11–4
  • July 11 – 14 GABRIOLA IS. South Community Hall
    Thurs-Sat 11–6, Sun 11–4
  • July 18 – 21 MAYNE IS. Agricultural Hall (map)
    Thurs–Sat 11–6, Sun 11–4
  • July 25 – 28 GALIANO IS. Galiano South Community Hall (map)
    Thurs–Sat 11–6, Sun 11–4
  • Aug 1 – 4 PENDER IS. Islands Community Hall (map)
    Thurs–Sat 11-6, Sun 11–4
  • Aug 8 – 11 FULFORD SSI Community Hall (map)
    Thurs–Sat 11–6, Sun 11–4
  • Aug 17 – 28 ROBERTS CREEK Sunshine Coast, Masonic Hall (map)
    Daily 11 – 6 EXCEPT both Mondays 11–4.