Vikram Red duvet cover Queen only


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100% hand block-printed, two sided premium duvet covers.  Each has a different, complimentary pattern on each side of the duvet and the pillow shams.  Available in five patterns: Lily; Poppy; Blue flower; Red poppy; Sea Garden; and Florence.  Only available in Queen size.

2 Replies to “Vikram Red duvet cover Queen only”

  1. Hi you two: Happy New Year. I bought the Vikram Florence Duvet cover last summer when you were here on the Sunshine Coast. I LOVE IT! I painted the bedroom in the same shade and it is so warm and inviting! Hope to see you this year again.


  2. Courtney Huffman August 23, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    do you have any duvet covers in King?


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