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The vast majority of our rugs are hand knotted wool, mostly from Afghanistan, Iran, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Central Asia. If they aren’t hand knotted, they are hand woven, flat-weave wool, typical of Turkish kilims. Often the warp is cotton, but it is sometimes wool, jute or occasionally camel or goat.


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These are today’s specials. Choose any of the featured rugs, and shipping is free! Copy the sku, and be the first to email us your selection. True size may be distorted, so click the button at the bottom of the rug for more images.

Turkey 3’3×4’0 sku:220456-17 $215
3’3″ x 4’0″ $215

Afghan Kargahi 2’8×4’4 sku:203607-14 $250
2’8″ x 4’4″ $250
India Bijar 2’6×4’1 sku:316923-18 $200
2’6″ x 4’1″ $200
Afghanistan 1’8×7’1 sku:321201-14
1’8″ x 7’1″ $235

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