Covid protocols

At Kebe and Fast Company we feel it is a privilege to be accepted by the communities we visit, whether they are Asian artisans or the Gulf Islanders who have embraced and welcomed us over the last 19 years. Keeping that respect is our primary concern. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that stringent precautions are necessary, and with that in mind we are prepared to comply with all provincial health and safety guidelines in order to ensure a secure environment is maintained in our venues for our visitors and ourselves.

It is important for us to implement appropriate public health measures and to adjust our operations to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. The measures listed here are based on current requirements from the BC Center for Disease Control for phase II but as time goes on, if these are revised or added to, we will update our practices accordingly.

  • There will be signage on site at the entrances outlining safety measures. The signage will also indicate the maximum number of customers we can accommodate at any one time (1 per 4 sq metres as defined by the hall size), and we may request that new customers wait until someone leaves.
  • We will request that members of the group who are not shopping wait outside.
  • Children are not to be brought in unless absolutely necessary, in which case the guardian must ensure that they do not touch anything, and practice physical distancing.
  • There will be a request on the sign to use patience and kindness if you wish to ask someone to adhere to these measures, or if you are asked to adhere to them.
  • A separate entrance and exit door will be assigned where possible.
  • Possibly at peak times, a person will be hired to keep track and direct customers at the door.
  • At the door alcohol-based hand sanitizer, with a minimum of 70% alcohol, will be required to be applied to the hands of everyone who enters.
  • We will use non-medical masks and have a barrier at the cash desk between David and the customer.
  • If at stage III mask wearing indoors is no longer mandatory, we will still encourage face masks as outlined by health and safety standards.
  • We will clean high touch surfaces and objects, such as our interact/credit card machine, sanitize our hands, and insist that customer sanitizes theirs before using the equipment.
  • Our clothing display will be limited to things that can be easily judged to fit without trying on, (such as bath robes), and items cannot be tried on unless the customer is using a mask. In stage III change room use may be possible.
  • There will be no jewelry display.
  • Public washrooms will be well stocked with liquid soap and paper towels, and signage will request that patrons use a disinfectant (provided by us) on all surfaces they have touched.
  • We will encourage tap payment over pin pad use and cash exchange, if possible. Customers will be encouraged to use of an object of theirs, like a pen, to operate the buttons.
  • If it is allowed we will place tape every 2 metres to provide customers with visible markers when forming queues; otherwise an object on the floor will mark the 2 metre spacing.

Best regards,
Katheryn Kebe and David Fast, (we will both have our second vaccination on July 5!)
Kebe and Fast Company