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Asian Sourcing 2018

Greetings from your intrepid decor sourcers, Katheryn and David, coming to you from a ravine in Bali. We are now half-way through this buying trip, and most of our orders are in. Making the order, and paying for it, is the easy part: the hitch is in contract fulfillment. “Yes”, if you are a merchant,...
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photo-blog#7: full circus

The first time we were in here, 15 years ago, Battambang was just a sleepy backwater in western Cambodia.  The Khmer Rouge had only pulled out of the town five years before, infrastructure was basic, and the road to the Thai border was infernal.  Still recovering from the atrocities of that period, Battambang looked a...
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photo-blog#6: the spirit of survival

Kathmandu, Nepal, March 9 2016 Almost a year ago, on April 25, a massive earthquake hit Nepal.  For a more in-depth account of our experience there, see my recent blog: Nepal with relief (http://kebeandfast.com/blog/?p=1233). In Kathmandu we stayed in an apartment in an interesting area of town called Kishibu.  It was with very mixed emotions...
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photo-blog#5: stop and get stamped

This is the border between India and Nepal at the town of Sunauli, and like all the other crossings it is not a very attractive place.  Nationals of the two countries don’t need to check in with customs or immigration, and wander back and forth at will across the dirty, noisy, chaotic frontier.  To make...
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blog-post#4: rice-ography

The rice terraces at Jatiluwih in central Bali cover 19,500 ha., flank the slopes of a volcano, Gunung Batkaru, and are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Even so they are not particularly easy to find, especially if you are trying to get there on your own.  For one thing, the volcano, a useful...
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photo-blog#3: too tightly wound for Surin

Crossing into Thailand from the little-used border town of O-Smach in north Cambodia lands you in the middle of nowhere.  Surprisingly, it isn’t that difficult to make it to the nearest Thai town, Surin, because gambling is banned in Thailand.  This means that Thais regularly take the one hour trip by local songtaew, a pick-up...
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photo-blog#2: the architecture of places

This is the roof of the grand old Kuala Lumpur railway station, taken from an over pass on the south side.  The station was once recognized as one of the masterpieces of British colonial architecture in Malaysia. The style it is built in, popular in the late Victorian era called “Indo-Saracenic”, epitomizes the romantic British...
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photo-blog #1: human sin

We are now in Bangkok, at the end of this year’s season in Asia.  Endings are a time of reflection.  Looking back on our photographic record of the last four months is to see a time and a place bisected by our experience of it, our movement through it.  The collection of pictures also develop,...
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Nepal with relief

On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake hit central Nepal, and the destruction, particularly in the Kathmandu valley and the mountains to the north and east, was widespread and devastating.  Having left Nepal only one month before the earthquake, and with many people we knew living or travelling there, Katheryn and I watched the news...
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First Day in London

    The other day as Cibelle and I were walking around Larchmont Blvd. We spotted this light on the corner of one of these streets. That day, my outfit was super graphic and worked out perfectly with this sun kissed backdrop. I’ve been really into total black looks lately for some reason, maybe I’ve been reading...
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